Welcome to the Past, Present, and Future

Reform Paganism. n. Nature-centered spirituality that draws inspiration from both ancient wisdom and modern learning while reimagining itself for the present and the future.

Reform Paganism is a new branch of the timeless tree that is Paganism, itself the natural human spirituality of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, inseparable from our human heritage and future.

Reform Pagans are earnest seekers on purposeful spiritual quests within the broader spiritual journey of all of humanity. We belong to a variety of spiritual traditions that consider Reform Paganism’s Fifteen Theses and observe Reform Paganism’s Five Elements.

Regardless of our individual specifics of belief and practice, we are convinced that humans are by Nature creatures of spirit, and we view Paganism as humanity’s once and future faith.

Our hope is that the Pagan Reformation would lead to a restoration of Paganism to its former place of respected prominence and positive influence in society; we refer to the Pagan Reformation and Restoration, together, as the Pagan Renewal.

Suggestions for learning more, right here on PaganRenewal.org:

Reimagining Humanity’s Timeless Spirituality