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The Portal for Seekers is Open

At, we believe—especially in these uncertain times—that Paganism has the power to transform the world for the better, and our mission is to make that happen.

We’re therefore very pleased to announce the reboot of, a virtual portal into Paganism for spiritual seekers.

If Paganism has been good to you, please share it with others!

With much love and many bright blessings always,
Your team of kindred spirits at

A Very Exciting Time

The time has come to turn another page on the secular calendar, and this is a very exciting time here at!

Over the course of 2016, we not only completed the first phase of the reboot of our online presence and ministries but also witnessed the long-awaited publication by the New Living Foundation of the first edition of The Enchiridion of Aquarius: A New Living Handbook, which presents systematically and in detail many of the powerful ideas that have inspired the Pagan Reformation.

As we look forward to 2017 and the future of Reform Paganism, we thought it fitting to take a moment to reflect upon the history of our movement, the Pagan Reformation.

A Brief History of the Pagan Reformation

In the latter half of 2010, one young mind disenchanted with the state and direction of today’s Pagan religion got the crazy idea that the thesis of Pagan Reconstructionism and its antithesis of Pagan Eclecticism must and would, through the dialectical process, give rise to a synthesis: Pagan Reformism, a new branch of the timeless tree of Pagan religion.

In May 2012, was launched, calling publicly for a Pagan Reformation and for Reform Paganism as an alternative to Reconstructionism and Eclecticism. The ideas that would later coalesce into the Pagan Reformation’s Fifteen Theses of belief and Five Elements of practice were published as a series of blog posts on that early version of

As Reform Paganism continued to grow and mature, the possibility and need for multiple distinct traditions within the broader movement became clear—the idea of Pagan Reformation was too general, too fundamental for it to remain within a single tradition. Accordingly, in September 2015, the New Living Tradition was founded in Seattle, Washington, United States, as the first blossom on the emergent Reformist branch of the living tree of our Pagan religion.

A sense of a distinctive—even defining—mission of personal, communal, and global transformation through our movement arose as Reform Pagans realized that the Pagan Reformation could lead to a new era of greater acceptance of Paganism in the world, perhaps even to the Restoration of Paganism to its former position of prominence in human society.

Accomplishing this mission would require more organization and clarity, however, so the process was begun of forming an organization to shepherd the Pagan Reform movement. This process culminated in October 2016 in the incorporation and organization of the New Living Foundation in Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States, to ensure the future of the New Living Tradition and to continue to advance the cause of the Pagan Reformation and Restoration.

On December 5, 2016, as mentioned above, the New Living Foundation published the first edition of The Enchiridion of Aquarius: A New Living Handbook, setting forth the Fifteen Theses of Reform Pagan belief as such and outlining the Five Elements of Reform Pagan practice.

The Future of Reform Paganism

The coming years promise to bless Reform Paganism with continued growth not only in the number of individuals and traditions that express the ideals embodied in the Fifteen Theses and Five Elements but also in the clarity, power, and effect of all that our Pagan Reformation movement represents. And as always, every new year—and every season, day, and hour within it—promises to bless Reform Pagans with continued growth in spirit.

At, we will be hard at work throughout 2017 to continue to build on the foundation that we have laid, and we have exciting plans for new ministries, publications, groups, and many other initiatives to bring the tranformative message of the Pagan Reformation to an ever wider audience, even while we strengthen our support of those among us who already consider ourselves Reform Pagans.

The road ahead remains long, and clearing it is the burden—and honor—of us pioneers of spirit who continue tirelessly and undauntedly in our efforts to create a new future, through Pagan Reformation and Restoration, for individual human spirits, for our respective traditions and groups, for each of the overlapping and concentric circles of the broader human community, and for all of nature.

With much love and many bright blessings for the year ahead,
Your team of kindred spirits at