Seattle, Washington, USA

We’re the Radix (root) group of the Pagan Reformation and Restoration, which are also called the Pagan Renewal.

We’re an inter-traditional group and an incubator of emerging Reform Pagan traditions. Reform Paganism’s Fifteen Theses serve as general guiding principles for us, and we practice Reform Paganism’s Five Elements by (1) doing catalytic ritual to spark spiritual development, (2) building community through loving ministry, (3) pursuing truth in ancient wisdom and modern scholarship, (4) growing in our rootedness in Nature, and (5) connecting with divinity (our “true/higher selves” or “higher powers”, the Awen, the Goddess and God, our creative muses, our personal deities, etc.—whatever “divinity” means to each of us). Some of our public events are posted to our Facebook page:

We welcome new visitors, seekers, friends, and members. If you’d like to connect with us, please visit our private pages at and Our calendar of upcoming gatherings is available to registered users in both of these online locations; we generally meet once every one to two weeks and hold rituals celebrating the Wheel of the Year.

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