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Reform Paganism is New Growth

Occasionally when Pagans from other traditions first encounter Reform Paganism, the questions they pose hint at a basic misunderstanding: What’s wrong with my Paganism, and why are you trying to change it? Let us be clear: Nothing is wrong with anyone’s Paganism, and no one is trying to change it. Continue reading Reform Paganism is New Growth

Facing All Things Through Paganism

When the fog of uncertainty gathers around us, when tremors shake the very foundations of our lives, when thunderheads of cataclysm loom on our horizons, that is a time to take refuge—and find strength and courage—in humanity’s once and future faith: Paganism. Continue reading Facing All Things Through Paganism

A Very Exciting Time

The time has come to turn another page on the secular calendar, and this is a very exciting time here at ReformPagan.org!

Over the course of 2016, we not only completed the first phase of the reboot of our online presence and ministries but also witnessed the long-awaited publication by the New Living Foundation of the first edition of The Enchiridion of Aquarius: A New Living Handbook, which presents systematically and in detail many of the powerful ideas that have inspired the Pagan Reformation. Continue reading A Very Exciting Time